Altogether You Med Spa | Phoenix, AZ

Our Facility

Altogether You Med Spa is a small, boutique facility that houses no more than ten patients per day in order to give you the most focused, attentive care. Located in the heart of Phoenix, AZ, we provide ample free parking, as well as a comfortable lobby where you'll be greeted by our friendly reception and office team. You can relax in plush seating during your very brief wait, and then you'll be personally escorted to one of our private, rejuvenating spa treatment areas where Dr. José A. Ortiz will listen to your unique concerns and prescribe a highly personalized treatment plan, all at no extra cost beyond your affordable annual membership. Many of our procedures are conducted using highly advanced technologies and techniques, including shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction, minimally invasive PRP therapy, and premium ozone therapy. Call now to learn more about our integrative health approaches!

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