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What Is the P-Shot?

The Priapus Shot (also known as the P–Shot) is an injection procedure for men who want to experience renewed sexual pleasure and vitality. It is effective for men who experience erectile dysfunction and reduced genital sensitivity due to lowered testosterone, enlarged prostate, and various other medical conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, and more. José A. Ortiz, N.M.D. understands how important it is to feel at home in your own skin and to experience fulfillment in the sexual realm. For men in Phoenix, AZ, Altogether You Med Spa is your one-stop location for powerful treatments, like the P-Shot, available with personalized access year-round to Dr. O's expertise, thanks to our boutique subscription.

What Can I Expect With the P-Shot?

The P-Shot is a form of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy designed by Dr. Charles Runels who invented the Vampire Facial®. By extracting PRP from your own blood, a solution can be created, then injected into the penis for beneficial effects. Some men report that this treatment increases blood flow, improves the size and duration of erections, increases sensation and pleasure, and even heals scar tissue to straighten the penis, thanks to the platelets' ability to stimulate regrowth in damaged tissue. This simple procedure can be performed in a single session right here in the office by Dr. O.

See If The P-Shot Can Help You in the Bedroom

José A. Ortiz, N.M.D. is an expert at holistic therapies, such as the P-Shot, that are safer than risky surgeries. To experience renewed sexual health, reach out to Dr. O at Altogether You Med Spa. At our Phoenix, AZ location, we offer a unique annual membership that gives you access to all of Dr. O's treatments year-round. With a small number of patients, we have a very flexible schedule, and we even provide anytime phone access to Dr. O in case you have immediate needs. Give us a call, and we look forward to getting your mojo back in the bedroom!

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