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What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is a form of oxygen that contains three atoms rather than the usual two. Because ozone is highly reactive, it has a number of unique properties. While still under research, this treatment has been shown to help the blood to become more oxygenated, which can enhance immune system function. It also may kill bacteria in the body by damaging their cell membranes through oxidation reactions, and it can sometimes be used to help the body heal from injuries. To learn more about this treatment, call José A. Ortiz, N.M.D. at Altogether You Med Spa in Phoenix, AZ.

How does Ozone therapy work?

While ozone can be a dangerous gas if too much is inhaled, there has been considerable research that shows ozone dissolved in a water solution can have beneficial effects for treating wounds, circulatory disorders, and general health. At Altogether You Med Spa, our process is to withdraw a small amount of your blood, infuse it with an appropriate amount of ozone, and reintroduce it back into your system. Your medically ozonized blood will then circulate throughout your body, causing improved oxygen retention, which helps to regulate your body's immune system, improve circulation, and provide anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects. Some research has shown this treatment to be effective in treating auto-immune disorders, chronic pain, intestinal issues, and more.

Ozone Therapy FAQ

What is the difference between ozone therapy and oxygen therapy?

As most people are aware, Oxygen is O2, meaning it contains two molecules of oxygen. Ozone, on the other hand, is O3 and contains three molecules of oxygen.

How much does ozone therapy cost?

The exact price of ozone therapy can vary depending on your needs. During your consultation, we'll listen to your concerns and assess your body before creating a treatment plan that is completely catered to your needs. At this point, we'll have a better idea of the total cost of the treatment.

How often should patients undergo ozone therapy?

Many of our patients receive ozone therapy sessions about 3 – 4 times a week. These can be scheduled at your convenience to ensure you receive the results you're looking for without disrupting your daily life.

Ask About our Ozone Therapy

At Altogether You Med Spa, we aim to provide the most up-to-date approaches to holistic healthcare. If you are interested in learning more about this beneficial procedure, we're excited to help you in your journey to renewed health! With a simple and affordable concierge membership, you get full access to all of Dr. O's treatments, as well as a tremendous amount of personal attention and care. Call José A. Ortiz, N.M.D. today, and experience the benefit of individualized, holistic health support at our boutique medical facility in Phoenix, AZ.

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