How Do Venus Legacy™ Skin Tightening Treatments Stimulate Collagen Production?

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Though fine lines and sagging areas are a natural part of aging, they can leave us feeling self-conscious about our appearance. Many people seek professional treatments to restore their youthful complexion. Skin tightening with Venus Legacy is a popular choice for boosting collagen and minimizing wrinkles.

So, how does Venus Legacy help achieve these amazing results? Call Altogether You Med Spa in Phoenix, AZ to learn about the process. Dr. José Ortiz knows what your skin needs to stay healthy and beautiful.

Why is collagen production so important?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein responsible for giving structure and elasticity to the skin. As we age, collagen production declines in most people, resulting in loose skin on the face and body.

Many beauty products today contain collagen as an ingredient, but these products are not able to penetrate deep enough into the tissue to provide significant outcomes. Plus, creams and serums only provide temporary results. Instead of spending time and money on drugstore products, invest in a long-term solution like Venus Legacy.

What is Venus Legacy?

Venus Legacy is a nonsurgical procedure that administers multi-polar radiofrequency (RF) energy in the treatment area. This process stimulates new collagen, resulting in tighter, more toned skin and less sagging over time. Dr. Ortiz generally recommends a set of 6 – 8 appointments spaced about a week apart for the best possible outcomes.

One of the best parts about Venus Legacy? It is safe for almost all skin types and requires very little downtime. Patients can lie back and relax while the device heats up their tissue to a specific temperature. There is no need for local anesthesia or pain medication, as our treatment in Phoenix, AZ is virtually pain-free.

What are the other benefits of Venus Legacy?

Venus Legacy not only tightens the skin, but it also reduces cellulite and contours the body. The RF energy penetrates deep into the tissue to break down fat cells, resulting in a smooth, more toned appearance. Patients also report an improvement in the texture and quality of their skin. Now, you can wear your favorite swimsuit or form-fitting outfit without worrying about dimpled skin or excess fat.

How long does it take for collagen production to increase?

Venus Legacy can be applied to areas like the abdomen, upper arms, outer thighs, and under the chin. Afterward, collagen production can take anywhere from around 3 – 6 months, depending on the individual. The number of sessions needed varies based on your unique needs and goals. Factors such as age, skin type, and the severity of wrinkles also play a role in the time it takes for collagen to increase.

Is there any way to enhance my results?

Yes! In addition to skin tightening treatments, it is possible to support collagen production even further by incorporating certain habits into your lifestyle. Dr. Ortiz at Altogether You Med Spa recommends staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. These habits help keep your complexion looking youthful until your next Venus Legacy session.

Promote collagen production with Venus Legacy

Say goodbye to fine lines and sagging with the help of Venus Legacy. This revolutionary technology offers a safe, effective, and noninvasive way to achieve the look you want. Contact Altogether You Med Spa to meet with Dr. José Ortiz and discover the advantages of skin tightening in Phoenix, AZ. Let us help you regain your confidence

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