How Soon After Weight Loss Should I Get Body Sculpting Treatment?

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If you have recently lost a significant amount of weight, you might be considering body sculpting to remove the excess skin to give yourself the figure you have been dreaming about. However, you might be wondering how soon after weight loss you can undergo body sculpting. Ideally, you should undergo body sculpting once you can maintain a steady body weight. You should not go through the treatment if you yo-yo weight gain/loss.

If you are maintaining a steady, healthy weight, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jose Ortiz at Altogether You Med Spa in Phoenix, AZ to discuss body sculpting. He will listen to your goals and help you determine if it is the right option for your needs.

Body sculpting after weight loss

For many people, post-weight loss body contouring gives them the shape they want. Sometimes, exercise and diet are simply not enough to gain results. If you have loose, sagging skin, body sculpting can effectively remove fat from unwanted areas on the hips, belly, arms, and thighs and then use the fat to enhance the breasts, buttocks (Brazilian butt lift), or cheeks. You’ll gain fat removal from problem areas that do not respond to dieting and weight loss and can then enjoy added fullness in other areas of the body.

Body sculpting is a very personalized treatment that can provide you with a wide array of benefits to help meet your needs.

The benefits of body sculpting following weight loss include:

  • Tightens sagging and loose skin
  • Restores lost volume
  • Removes unwanted fat to enhance the breasts, butt, or face
  • Creates long-lasting results
  • Natural-looking appearance
  • Provides enhanced tone

Fully customizable body sculpting

At Altogether You Med Spa in Phoenix, AZ, Dr. Ortiz will create a fully customized aesthetic treatment plan to help meet your needs. The plan may consist of both nonsurgical and surgical treatments.

Surgical treatments used for body sculpting include abdominoplasty, breast lift, breast augmentation, and liposuction. Usually, surgical treatments require general anesthesia. The incisions used are always small and strategically placed in areas of the body hidden by undergarments or in natural skin folds.

Nonsurgical procedures used for body sculpting include laser liposuction, laser skin tightening, injectable fillers, and more. Patients do not require general anesthesia with nonsurgical cosmetic treatments.

What to expect during body sculpting

Body sculpting procedures take place in private rooms at Altogether You Med Spa in Phoenix, AZ. Following the procedures, you might experience bruising or swelling, but the side effects usually start to subside within a week or so. Some of the body sculpting procedures require very little recovery time. Each procedure is different, so you’ll want to discuss what to expect with Dr. Ortiz.

Depending on the procedure you decide to undergo, results can last for years as long as you live a healthy lifestyle and maintain your body weight through an exercise and diet regimen. If the results of your body sculpting start to fade, you can always return to Altogether You Med Spa for touch-up procedures. You can undergo additional maintenance procedures to help reduce the buildup of small pockets of fat or tighten loose skin that can occur from aging.

Schedule a body sculpting consultation in Phoenix, AZ

If you have undergone weight loss and have been maintaining your current target weight, then you might be an ideal candidate for body sculpting. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jose Ortiz at Altogether You Med Spa in Phoenix, AZ to discuss a customized body sculpting treatment plan. For more information, contact us today.

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